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Acorn Life Mark Lane, Qualified Finanical Advisor. Contact: 086 1089 231 The cost of your kids' college education According to Dublin City University, the cost of a college education for kids living away from home is more than €12,000 each year, which is why it's important to start saving early for the college years. For more information get in touch with Mark Lane from Acorn Life on 086 1089 231.     The main purpose of financial protection is to make sure you or your family won't have financial problems if a misfortune like an accident, death or illness happens in your family. All protection policies are designed to replace lost income and provide a money benefit when it is needed most. Think of all the things that would still need to be paid for - the mortgage, the bills, day-to-day living expenses, children education expenses and so on. These won't go away if you or your partner cannot work or you die. Mark also offers specialist expertise in retirement products. In a survey taken by IAPF in 2015, only 23% of people felt they were saving enough to have a reasonable standard of living in retirement (click here to read more). Every 10 years that you delay starting saving for retirement means you double the cost of how much you need to put away to get to the same place when you’re 65. Through Acorn Life DAC Mark offers a range of services including: Life Insurance. Savings/Investment. Pensions. Mortgage Protection. Mark Lane is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Mark Lane is a Tied Agent of Acorn Life DAC. Acorn Life DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Click here to learn more about Acorn Life or contact Mark on 086 1089 231​.